We’ve Got You Covered - The Alberta New Home Warranty Explained

Posted on October 14, 2015 by Peter-John Woolf

We’ve Got You Covered - The Alberta New Home Warranty ExplainedOne of the advantages of buying a new home is that you're fully protected by the Alberta New Home Warranty. It's there to ensure your new home stands the test of time.

Working with a reputable new home builder, like Broadview Homes, means that you won't ever need it but it is there to give you peace of mind. Changes to the Alberta New Home Warranty in February 2014 means that every new home built in Alberta is covered. This is good news for anyone looking to build a house in Calgary or anywhere in Alberta.

The warranty ensures that any problems which might arise after a home's construction will be taken care of and put right by your builder. It raises the quality of construction throughout the industry and makes sure that you'll be enjoying your home as much years from now as the day you moved in.

You might be wondering what the Alberta New Home Warranty covers and we've put together this helpful guide to explain it and provide you with a better understanding.

What Does the Warranty Cover?

We’ve Got You Covered - The Alberta New Home Warranty ExplainedEvery new home in Alberta has 1-2-5-10 coverage. What does this mean? Basically the coverage can be broken down according to the number of years, that different parts of the work that went into building your home, is covered for.

1-2-5-10 Coverage:
  • 1 Year - The items included in the one year portion of the warranty revolve around cosmetic issues, such as defects in the flooring, paint or trim. Normally these types of defects will be noticed and repaired prior to move-in but if a problem arises with any of these finishes, then the homeowner can contact the builder to get it fixed.
  • 2 Year - The two year coverage includes any defects or problems with heating, plumbing, or electrical components of a home. With inspections throughout the building process, it is highly unusual for any problems to occur in these areas. However, the warranty covers a homeowner for two years to ensure trouble-free performance.
  • 5 Year - This portion of the warranty coverage pertains to the shell of the home – meaning the roof, walls, and windows. The interior of a home should be tightly sealed from the temperature outside, otherwise a homeowner could be paying some steep prices for electricity and air conditioning usage. If there are any leaks throughout the home, they will be covered under the warranty. Because of how important the sealing of a new home is, an additional two years of coverage is available. This is because these types of issues can happen later down the road, even if the home was built properly in the beginning.
  • 10 Year - Foundation and structural issues are covered for ten years after the construction of a new home. This is the longest portion of coverage because it's the most important. This part of the warrant refers to the frame and foundation which make up the key structural components of a home. This is why repair work pertaining to any foundation or structural problems with a home will be covered for such a long time.

Coverage is Easy

We’ve Got You Covered - The Alberta New Home Warranty ExplainedThe new home warranty process starts before your builder even breaks ground, and lasts for ten years from when your new home is completed and ready for possession. All Alberta home builders are partnered with a warranty provider so all new construction projects are automatically entered into the registry. Throughout the building process, your builder will construct your home according to the standards set out in the Alberta Building Code. Regular inspections throughout the building process ensure that nothing is missed.

At Broadview Homes, we involve you throughout the building process and encourage you to ask questions. Our Area Managers are there to help guide you through the build and ensure you have all the information you need. We know how important your home is and we want to make sure it is perfect for your family.

When it is time to move-in to your new home, our Service team will arrange an appointment and will walk you through your new home. We'll help familiarize you with your new home and cover some basic home maintenance to help you care for your house.

A warranty means that you're safe in the knowledge that your new home is well-built and worry-free. If a problem does arise, simply call our service team and we'll help you fix any warranty issues. Knowing you're covered, means however big or small a problem is, we'll be there to put it right.

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