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Tips on Buying a New Construction Home in the Calgary Area

February 27, 2015 | Peter-John Woolf


Homebuyers looking to purchase their dream home may soon discover that previously owned homes do not offer all the features they want or fit with their lifestyle needs. For these reasons, many buyers decide to build a new home instead. By choosing this option, a buyer will be able to choose many of the specifications, features and options included in their new home.

Understanding Your Needs

If you plan to build your own home, it is important to spend some time considering what features and options you need in your new home. Consider what type of a house, your overall design preferences and what layout would best suit the needs of your household. You’ll also want to decide on the type of community you would like to live in and where geographically you would prefer to be located. It can be helpful to discuss these choices with the other members of your household to get their preferences as well. Knowing this information can aid you when you begin looking at communities and the various home styles and models.

Obtaining Financing

Before you actually begin a search, it is a good idea to meet with a lender about the type of mortgage you qualify for. Most lenders will be able to help you through the pre-approval process.

Tips on Buying a New Construction Home in the Calgary AreaDuring this process, the lender will need to discuss with you financial issues such as the amount you have for a deposit and the type of monthly payment amounts you would prefer. This combined with your financial information will be used to determine the amount of a loan you would be eligible for. If you need to make adjustments to your finances to help you qualify for a higher loan amount, the lender will be able to advise you of this as well. Having this information before you begin searching can help you in determining what your budget will be when choosing new homes in Calgary. 

Choosing a Community

With your lifestyle and location preferences in mind, you should try to visit a number of new community show homes in your desired location. By visiting these show homes, you will often be able to learn much about the types of homes being built and the community in general. The sales team at the show homes will be able to answer any questions and provide important information about the area, the schools, shopping and other features. They will also have information about the homes they have available as well. Having this information can be helpful while you are examining your options.

You should spend time touring the show homes available at each community. It is important to look at how well the homes are built and what features they offer. Since the show homes generally have extra upgrades, it is important to ask the builder or salesperson which features are standard and which are extra, in addition to what other models or changes can be made to customize the house to suite your tastes.

It is also wise to find out about how the community is being designed. Ask about what features will be provided in the community to be used by the residents. Most communities have their own bylaws or covenants that residents must abide by, you should ask about these as well.

Selecting the Floor Plans for Your New Home

Tips on Buying a New Construction Home in the Calgary AreaOnce you have your community selected, you will need to select a model home and floor plan that will fit the needs of your family. Most builders have a selection of floor plans designed for a specific community. You will want to spend some time looking at the various plans available that meet your criteria for size, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen space, home office and more. Some Calgary home builders, like Broadview Homes, will be able to customize the floor plans by moving walls and adding square footage to fit your needs. Because of this, if you would like an additional feature or a change made to your plans, you should ask the builder about the possibility at the beginning of the process to see if they will be able to accommodate your request.

Getting the Details for Your Home Right

In addition to the layout, you will also be able to make choices in the color of paint for the exterior, the interior and other areas of the home. Choices for floor coverings, cabinet options, countertops, light fixtures and more will also need to be decided upon. Many times, extra features can be added to a home's exterior such as decks, garages and more. While you’re deciding on your choices, it is important to consider what you want now and what you need for the future too.

Buying a new construction home in Calgary that is built to meet your needs can be a fun and exciting time. It can also be stressful as well. By having an experienced builder to help you through the process, you will be able to feel more confident about the work being done and ensure you move into the home of your dreams.