5 Ways to Get What You Want in a New Home Build

Posted on June 1, 2016 by Peter-John Woolf

get-what-you-want-new-home-build-image.pngThe time has come - you are ready to purchase a new home. Looking at your options, you've decided on a new home build rather than buy an existing house.


There are a lot of builders out there, so how do you choose? And how can you make sure you are getting exactly what you both need and want?

Builders often offer a wide variety of different types of homes, and the best one to choose is one whose designs incorporate the lifestyle options most important to you. For instance, if you have an active family, then a large kitchen and backyard space may be a top priority. Alternatively, you may want additional bedrooms and ensuites. And if you have a particular hobby, you may want a three car garage for a workshop or car collection or to store outdoor gear and recreation vehicles.

Below are a few helpful hints to ensure you get what you want in your new home build.

Find a Flexible Builder

The process begins with selecting the right builder. By choosing the right builder, they can help you get what you're looking for in your new home.

This is particularly important if your family is different. For instance, if you have extended family living with you, then a builder can help you choose or customize a floor plan with extra bathrooms or provide you with the option to add a nanny suite in the basement.

The right builder will be able to help you choose the perfect floor plan, the ideal location and incorporate features and finishes for your family in order to help you move into the home that's custom made for your family.

Choose a Builder that Speaks to You

The relationship between you and the home builder you choose is like any other; there needs to be open communication, honesty and the ability to discuss ideas with each other. Finding someone who understands your needs and can see the type of home you want to build is extremely important.

Throughout the entire building process, your builder should provide you with an easy way to receive continual updates; yet another reason why open communication is key.

get-what-you-want-new-home-build-couple.pngMake Sure Any Changes Are Covered in the Final Contract

While it is important to find the right builder, it is equally important to ensure that everything you have discussed is clearly expressed in the final contract.

One of the most common problems between home buyers and home builders is unfulfilled promises. While many builders will make promises with the most honourable intentions, it is easy for those promises to become lost, obscured or mistranslated as they move from conceptualization to the construction site.

When you sit down to review the contract, you should make sure that everything you were promised during prior conversations is included in the contract. You'll also need to ensure that the floor plan is exactly what you want before you sign-off on it. Making changes at the design stage before construction has started will ensure everything you want will be included in your final home design.

Remember that you are building a home that you may be living in for the next 30 years, so you definitely want to make sure the plans incorporate everything you want. And, the best way to do that is to ensure it all is included in the final contract.

Leveraging New Marketing Mediums to Find the Best Deal

Never has being a consumer been so easy! With the reach of the internet, prospective customers can conduct highly specified searches on almost any topic.

When searching for a potential builder, don't forget to use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to your advantage. Most businesses are aware of the power of social media to increase reach and exposure, and they will use these platforms to show-off their best home designs.

These social media sites have their own internal search engines that allow you to conduct specific searches. Using these search engines will allow you to locate reputable builders and see their best features and designs that can help give you new ideas and ultimately, help you get what you want in your new home.

This method will also allow you to peruse customer reviews and garner information as to which builders maintain quality service and products.

Subscribe to Homebuilder Sites

By taking the time to periodically visit various builder websites, sign up for their newsletters and visit their showhomes, you can keep up-to-date with the latest news and trends from each builder.

This method will also give you an opportunity to examine each builder juxtaposed to the next — helping you determine which builder may be best for you.

It is essential for anyone wanting to build their dream home to spend time researching and getting to know the builder before you decide who is the best builder for you. The more attention a home buyer gives to the initial vetting process, the better the overall outcome will be. There are a lot of home builders out there, but they are not all created equal, and not all can meet your specific needs.

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